Turkish Coffee: an experience between taste and history

Do you want to discover the cultural richness behind Turkish coffee? It is an experience that unfolds between taste and history.
In the heart of Turkey, coffee is not simply a drink to be enjoyed quickly but a ritual that has been passed down for generations . Its preparation is an art that requires attention to detail.

The heart of tradition: Turkish Ibrik

Turkish coffee

In the preparation of Turkish coffee, the Ibrik is used, also known as Cezve, a jug traditionally made of copper or brass with a long handle and a vertical spout. It usually has a conical or tulip shape. Its peculiarity lies in its
ability to slowly heat the water and the coffee mixture without letting it boil completely, preserving the aromas and helping to create a drink with a dense and velvety consistency.

How to prepare Turkish coffee

- Start grinding the coffee beans until they become a fine powder.
- Mix the coffee powder with water and sugar inside the ibrik.
- Place the ibrik on low heat and stir slowly
- When foam begins to form on the surface, remove the jug from the heat, pour a little foam into each cup and then place it back on the heat until it reaches the second boil.
- Once the second boil has been reached, pour the remaining coffee into each cup.
- After preparing it in the cup, let it rest for a few minutes to allow the aromas to spread. Happy tasting!

Turkish coffee is a symbol of connection, tradition and hospitality that has conquered the palates and hearts of everyone who has enjoyed it

A Fascinating Alternative: "Turkish Coffee in Sand"

For an even more evocative experience, there is "Turkish coffee in sand". The sand is heated evenly and the Ibrik is placed in it.

This method is very popular because the sand gradually heats the jug , allowing you to precisely control the temperature and preserve the aromas.

In conclusion, Turkish coffee is not just a drink, but an invitation to explore, savor and connect with the rich tradition behind every cup. Try it too and delight your senses with Turkish coffee!