Compatible Dolce Gusto®*

    Dolce Gusto®** - Nescafè® compatible capsules

    Cellini allows you to choose from a wide range of compatible capsules with your NESCAFÈ® DOLCE GUSTO®* machine, balanced blends, characterized by a well-defined taste and a full body, to find your favorite Espresso Cellini, at home or at the bar, but also delicious drinks to accompany you at any time of the day.
    Our coffee line comes from the selection of fine origins and includes products of different strengths, ideal for every preparation, from ristretto to espresso to long coffee: Espresso Ristretto, Espresso Strong, Espresso Extra bar, Espresso Decaffeinato, Long American Coffee.
    Discover our drinks too, a treat to indulge in at any time: Coffee with Ginseng, Organic Barley, Caramel Macchiato, Nocciolino, Latte Macchiato, Corded Coffee Macchiato, Creamy Cappuccino.
    Cellini capsules are made with cutting-edge technologies that allow the product inside to be preserved in an excellent way.