We are a “Contemporary Italian Roastery”!

Contemporary because we start from tradition but look curiously at the market, consumers and trends to  evolve the culture of coffee and offer new experiences and tastes on a journey through the world of superior coffee

From our knowledge, history
(since 1946) and Italian spirit, we draw all the skills necessary to make an excellent coffee: from the rigorous selection of raw materials, to slow roasting, custom grinding. A tailored approach to roasting to offer surprising results and a constant taste in the cup

Because coffee has always been our passion and our goal is to help coffee professionals on a growth path

Our story begins in 1946

Since then, we have greeted the arrival of ships loaded with the best green coffees. Bars have always been our main market and at the same time the daily testing ground where the suggestions and the ideas that spur us to constantly improve were born.

We have always chosen the beans best, we mix them in a unique way and slowly toast them to preserve their organoleptic qualities as much as possible and to create blends with an unmistakable taste.

“Quality first” is the mantra engraved in our DNA

We want the Cellini standard
to be the reference when it comes to exceptional coffees and to do so we have an avant-garde production protocol in Italy.

We develop our selection, blending and slow roasting techniques with passion and rigour, and we grow the culture of coffee, thanks to the Accademia del Caffè Cellini.

A unique team, with people who boast the utmost expertise in Italy: we have two Q GRADER in our quality laboratory!

I bar

Bars have always been our main market and at the same time the daily testing ground where suggestions and ideas were born that spur us to improve constantly.

The experience of four generations of roasters is a heritage that we want to share with all those who, like us, have a passion for coffee, thus passing on our knowledge and giving due importance to an irreplaceable role for the diffusion of espresso in Italy and in the world.

For this reason, every day over 10,000 baristas serve Cellini coffee in their premises.

The Cellini Coffee Academy

From our experience andpassion for coffee comes The Cellini Coffee Academy: a meeting point between baristas or simple enthusiasts and all the world that revolves around the cup of coffee.