Goal for perfection

Safeguardingconsolidating and, where possible, improving the principles underlying the choice of green coffee is at the heart of our way of making coffee and is manifested through the use of the best origins, the execution of the most rigorous analyzes by our quality laboratory and the repeated cup test of the finished product.

The result? A coffee of high quality, the fruit of strong passions and of that tenacious perfection that we are committed to achieving in every Cellini product.

The coffee

Coffee beans are the seeds of an evergreen plant belonging to the Rubiaceae family, genus Coffea.

About eighty species belong to the genus Coffea, but the most important from a commercial point of view are two: Coffea Arabica called Arabica and Coffea Canephora called Robusta.


The climatic belt characterized by a hot-humid climate and between the tropics, contains within it the main coffee-producing countries, divided into four geographical areas: 

  • Central America: mainly washed Arabica is grown, and only a small part of Robusta, in Guatemala.
  • South America: we find the main producer in the world, Brazil, where natural Arabica and Robusta known as Conillon are mainly grown. The other South American countries mainly grow washed Arabica.
  • Africa: we find Robusta in the Central-West areas and Arabica in the Central-East.
  • Asia:both Arabica and Robusta are grown in India, Indonesia, New Guinea and Vietnam; only Robusta in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Immediately after roasting, with a special laboratory instrument, the degree of color of the blend is checked  and compared with the parameters established by the quality laboratory: being sure of the degree of roasting is essential because, in addition to determining the color of the coffee, it plays a fundamental role inenhancing the organoleptic properties that you will taste in the cup.

The compliant blends are sorted into the appropriate silos for a period of rest well established, which serves to guarantee any perfect packaging or the best continuation of processing.

Our Certifications

Cellini and Ekaf have as their main objective that of guaranteeing their customers the pleasure of tasting an original Italian coffee of excellence, through continuous improvement and the achievement of the highest quality of the products and services offered.