Our history

The laying of the first stone

The Pieri family opens in Livorno the Columbia roasting, the second in the city.

Although it is still a small family business, the roasting started working immediately with the aim of offering a quality coffee and in a few years Columbia coffee is among the most appreciated in all of Tuscany.


The business grows and the new factory opens in Livorno, marking the transition from a classic artisan roasting, built in a laboratory-warehouse, to a industrial and modern factory.

The company's philosophy takes shape: to combine the best aspects of traditional roasting with a certified and technological production process. 

An important turning point

The company expanded with the acquisition of the largest roasting company in Liguria, the Ekaf in Genoa, with the Eureka brand (created by the "coffee wizard" Ugo Meraldi ) and the Bolognese Filicori, born in Bologna in 1883.

Ekaf is a well-structured, efficient and professional company, a new impulse to enrich the already present know-how, which aims to operate under the banner of a culture of excellence.

The birth of the brand

The three historic brands, "Columbia", "Filicori" and "Ekaf", leaders in the bar sector in Italy, come together to create the new brand "Cellini" which aims to make known the values ​​at the base of the activity and become representative of the company's production philosophy.

In a short time, Cellini crosses national borders bringing to many bars in Europe the experience of real Italian espresso.

The new needs of the company

In the 2000s, Cellini became synonymous with quality coffee and competed with the most famous Italian brands at an international level.

In 2005, a new factory was opened equipped with the best technologies to support coffee processing: highly innovative Italian machinery keeps alive the tradition of slow roasting to bring the unique Cellini coffee all over the world.

An uncompromising coffee

Cellini is today a dynamic company, always ready to face new challenges, with the aim of offering its consumers quality products and unique taste experiences.

To bring in every cup , at all times, an uncompromising coffee.