We are a “Contemporary Italian Roastery”!

We have always chosen the best beans, we mix them in a unique way and we roast them slowly to preserve their organoleptic qualities as much as possible and to create blends with an unmistakable taste.

Non sai quale miscela provare?

Prova il nostro Kit Degustazione di capsule compatibili Nespresso®*.Il gusto unico delle migliori miscele Cellini Aluminium da provare in un unico Kit!

Kit Degustazione 80
Kit Degustazione 80
Kit Degustazione 80
Kit Degustazione 80

Kit Degustazione 80

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Pack of:
The complete range of all our best blends in aluminum capsules compatible with the Nespresso®* Original system.


A high quality coffee, fruit of the passion and the tenacious pursuit of perfection that has distinguished us for over 70 years.


For four generations, the Cellini group has been producing high quality coffee that combines the best aspects of ancient roasting plants with the guarantee and traceability of a certified production process.


For us, quality comes first: in our factories, green coffee is blended, processed and packaged with extreme care, until it becomes the product that many love.