American coffee: a drink that has conquered the world

American coffee, with its distinctive taste and enveloping aroma, has become a iconic drink much loved and appreciated all over the world. In this article, we'll explore how this beverage evolved and became an integral part of American and European culture.

According to some, American coffee has its roots in European traditions.
During the Second World War on the Italian front many US soldiers, used to drinking a less intense coffee, began to ask to dilute the espresso coffee with hot water. Consequently, the baristas of the time began to identify the request for a diluted coffee for Americans as "a coffee for Americano", and this term spread rapidly, abbreviating to "American coffee".

In the world of coffee, the various terminologies can often confuse consumers. One of the common sources of confusion concerns the differences between "American coffee" and "American espresso".
Although the names may suggest a direct link between the two, in reality, there are
significant differences between these two beverages which are substantially of extraction.

American Coffee

caffè americano

One of the distinctive characteristics of American coffee is its method of preparation. Compared to espresso, it is obtained through a filtering process. Hot water is poured over a quantity of ground coffee, passing through a filter.

This preparation method produces a less concentrated drink compared to espresso, with a more delicate flavour, a balanced, less intense taste and a greater quantity of liquid. The grinding of coffee is coarser than that of espresso coffee, the water must be heated to a temperature between 92° and 96°C and the coffee placed inside the special conical filter.

The amount of ground coffee is around 4 g per 150 ml of water. With this procedure, the water will percolate through the filter with the ground coffee, absorbing the aroma and organoleptic characteristics from the mixture.

In American culture, drip coffee is often consumed alongside a variety of accompaniments. It is common to find drip coffee served with milk, sugar, flavored syrups, and whipped cream.

The American Espresso

American espresso is a drink spread all over the world but embraced by Americans to adapt the espresso to their preferences. It is a term mainly used to distinguish it from drip coffee. It is prepared using an espresso machine, therefore extraction by pressure. For the American espresso, 60 to 90 ml are extracted (a traditional double espresso) to which 125 ml of hot water are added.

Its versatility and softer taste compared to traditional espresso have made this drink highly appreciated by consumers looking for a coffee with an intense but less concentrated flavour .