Difference between Blend and Single Origin

The main difference between blend and single origin is that blend is made from coffee beans from different regions and countries, while single origin is produced using coffee beans from only one region.

Let's discover the characteristics of Blend and Single Origin in detail.

What is meant by “mixture”?

degustazione miscela e monorigine

The term "blend" refers to the combination of two or more types/origins of coffee, such as Arabica and Robusta, to create a blend with specific organoleptic characteristics.

The blend can be made up of coffee beans from different regions or countries. The choice of beans and their proportion in the blend influence the taste, aroma and texture of the coffee. Our quality team, after multiple tests and tastings, has developed secret recipes made up of a well-balanced mix of the two species, or more varieties of coffee of the same species which are called "blend".
Discover our Intenso in Nespresso®* compatible aluminum capsules is the perfect example of a blend of the best Arabicas from Central and South America, combined with a small percentage of selected fine Robustas, to obtain a well-defined and full-bodied taste, characterized by fruity notes.

What does “100% Arabica blend” mean?

miscela 100% arabica

By “100% Arabica Blend” we mean a mix of several varieties of high-quality Arabica coffee. This composition allows you to best enhance the characteristics of the different types and obtain excellent quality coffee.
Arabica is considered the highest quality coffee due to its sweet and fruity flavor, with a low amount of caffeine compared to Robusta. A 100% Arabica blend can be made up of beans from different regions or countries, but all belonging to the Arabica variety.

Our Cremoso in Nespresso®* compatible aluminum capsules is a 100% Arabica blend, in which the best Brazilian coffees with the fragrant Central/South American coffees offer a fine aroma, fruity and sweet notes and a pleasant acidity.

What does “single origin” mean?

qualità caffè monorigine

The word "single origin" refers to a coffee that comes from a single geographic region, without being mixed with other coffee beans. This type of coffee is considered particularly valuable because it allows you to appreciate the specific organoleptic characteristics of the area in which the coffee was grown. Drinking a single origin coffee means savoring all its most authentic and distinctive characteristics, such as aroma, taste and consistency.

Try the Brasile Puro Origini in Nespresso®* compatible aluminum capsules a fine 100% Arabica Brazilian Bourbon coffee grown in the upper Mogiana. Perfectly balanced and with a delicate aroma, it transmits sweet notes and fine acidity to the palate which, combined with a high body, make it ideal at any time of the day.