Coffee Tonic

This fresh coffee drink has become very popular in recent years and is considered one of the current trends. The result is a slightly bitter, refreshing cocktail with a pleasant effervescence. Perfect for summer days or for those looking for an alternative to the usual coffee.

Coffee Tonic - Alcoholic Variant

coffee tonic ricetta alcolica

If you prefer you can try the alcoholic variant, which combines the intense flavor of coffee with gin and the sweetness of violet syrup. This cocktail is perfect for an aperitif or for a relaxing break during the day.
Here is the recipe for preparing an Alcoholic Coffee Tonic.


  • 20 ml of violet syrup
  • 80 ml of Tonic
  • 50 ml of Gin
  • 80 ml of Espresso Coffee


- To prepare the drink, cool the large glass with ice cubes.
- Pour in the violet syrup and gin
- Gently mix everything with a teaspoon
- Add the ice cubes and pour a cup/glass of espresso coffee
- Add the tonic and decorate the cocktail with edible flowers 

Advice from Diletta Sisti - Barista Trainer & Coffee Specialist Cellini Caffè

For a perfect balance of flavors, Diletta Sisti in the video tutorial below suggests the use of Melodico - Nespresso®* Compatible Capsules, a blend of 100% Arabica coffee, in which the delicate taste of Central American Arabicas blends with the fine acidity of Colombia to enhance the harmony on the palate, with pleasant notes of cocoa.

Video Tutorial


Non-alcoholic Coffee Tonic

Another popular variant of Coffee Tonic is the non-alcoholic one, made with coffee and tonic water. It is prepared by pouring espresso over ice cubes and tonic water into a tall glass.
Here is the basic recipe for preparing a non-alcoholic Coffee Tonic.


150 ml of Tonic Water
60 ml of espresso coffee


- To prepare the drink, cool the glass with ice cubes.
- Pour the tonic water into the glass and delicately add the freshly brewed espresso.
- Stir delicately and serve immediately with a slice lemon or orange as a garnish. You can customize the recipe by adding sugar, vanilla syrup or other flavorings to taste.