Coffee Revolution Cellini Caffè: from happy hour to Coffee Hour

Coffee Revolution is a "revolutionary" turning point in the way of experiencing the aperitif in which Happy Hour transforms into Coffee Hour and coffee becomes the absolute protagonist of a moment typically dedicated to cocktails , offering a completely new and sophisticated experience for enthusiasts and beyond.

Cellini Coffee Tour

Coffee Revolution: what is it? 

The Coffee Revolution transforms the classic Happy Hour into Coffee Hour, a moment dedicated to all coffee lovers and anyone who wishes to explore new frontiers of taste. During the Coffee Hour, it is possible to taste a unique craft beer: Biova Cellini, created in collaboration with the startup Biova Project . 

This beer is brewed using damaged coffee capsules, a brilliant idea that combines sustainability and flavor in one amazing drink. Furthermore, revisited coffee cocktails are available, perfect to surprise the palate: Coffee Mojito, Coffee Americano, Coffee Spritz and many others! 

Coffee Revolution: the stages of the tour 

To celebrate the launch of the Coffee Revolution, many events are planned in Milan and beyond.
Here are the dates to mark on your calendar in Milan: 

  • Thursday 11 July at the Cube Milano Brera in Via Solferino, 27. 
  • Friday 12 July at the Caffè Inn International Bistrot in P. le Medaglie D'Oro, 3. 
  • Thursday 18 July at El Beverin in Via Brera, 29. 

Each event starts at 5.30pm and offers a unique opportunity to experience the Coffee Hour and discover the infinite combinations and possibilities that coffee can offer in an aperitif context. 

So as not to miss these and all the other stops on the tour: