Hot chocolate with coffee

When the desire for sweetness and pleasure combines with the passion for coffee, an enveloping delight is born: coffee hot chocolate with "Intrepido" Cellini . This recipe is an invitation to immerse yourself in a unique tasting experience, where the intense aroma of coffee blends harmoniously with the sweetness of chocolate . Preparing this drink is like creating a cuddle for the palate, a warm embrace that brings relief on cold winter days. Follow the recipe step by step and give yourself the pleasure of savoring every sip of this extraordinary union of flavors.

preparation of hot chocolate with coffee



- Start by heating the milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Make sure not to boil it but bring it to a hot temperature.
- Add the cocoa and sugar and mix well until they have completely dissolved.
- Prepare the Cellini “Intrepido” coffee and pour it into the pan with the milk and cocoa.
- Mix gently until you obtain a homogeneous and uniform mixture.
- Pour the hot coffee chocolate into the cups and for an extra delicious touch, add whipped cream and chocolate flakes to the preparation.

Hot coffee chocolate is a real treat for the palate, a perfect combination of the strong taste of coffee and the enveloping creaminess of chocolate . Try it too!