Tazzine Espresso collezione "Triangles"

A touch of design and modernity for your Cellini espresso: order the set of 4 coffee cups from the “Triangles” Collection, inspired by the celebrated lines, geometries and colours of Piet Mondrian. The set comprises 4 ceramic espresso cups with saucer.
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The "Triangles" Collection Espresso cup was created with the idea of ​​expanding our range of espresso cups, characterized by the traditional egg shape which enhances the crema, giving it a more compact consistency from which all the aromatic notes of our freshly dispensed are conveyed directly to the olfactory apparatus.

The note of modernity is in its design which takes its inspiration from the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, whose perpendicular lines and geometric color backgrounds in primary colors and the blue-green-orange variants, combined with white, are the result of continuous research of balance and formal perfection.

Peculiarities that in fact have always distinguished our qualitative philosophy.