Delizia al caffè

Delizia al caffè

The "Delizia al caffè" amaretti biscuits are soft biscuits with a slightly rounded round shape, with a cracked surface. Their color is golden/brown and they give off the typical scent of roasted coffee. The flavor is sweet with a hint of coffee, while the texture is soft inside.

May contain almonds, egg and sulphites.

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Consegna Veloce: tramite corriere espresso. A casa tua in 2/3 giorni lavorativi.

Enjoy your favorite Cellini Espresso "in glass" and savor its rich crema to the fullest. This set consists of 6 Cellini Espresso shot glasses.

Energia kcal/kj: 456/1906
Grassi: 24g
di cui saturi: 1,7g
Carboidrati: 45g
di cui zuccheri: 40g
Proteine: 12g
Sale: 0,1g