Delizia and Meraviglia

The best beans, selected and processed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
"Delizia" is made up of 100% Arabica Specialty blends while "Meraviglia" is made up of blends of Arabica Specialty and Fine Robusta. Both are dedicated to lovers of the purest coffee, who always seek the best and treat coffee like a religion: if you are one of us, we welcome you to coffee paradise. The real flavor at home: grind them by hand or in your automatic bean to cup machine, for a result that surprises the palate and inspires the mind.

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Whole-bean roasted coffee, packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Roasted and packaged in Italy by EKAF S.p.A. Lungotorrente Secca 3r 16163 Genova
Origin of coffee: non-EU

- Net weight 400g kit (2 packs of 200g)
- Net weight 800g kit (4 x 200g packs).
- Net weight 2kg pack (10 packs of 200g);

Delizia is a 100% Arabica Specialty blend.

- ORIGINS: Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador.
- BOTANIC VARIETIES: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Colombia & Heirloom.
- PROCESSING: Fully Washed.
- EXTRACTION: Espresso, Moka.


Meraviglia Arabica Specialty and Fine Robusta blends.

- ORIGINS: El Salvador, India.
- BOTANIC VARIETIES: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Robusta.
- PROCESSING: Fully Washed.
- EXTRACTION: Espresso, Moka.



Delizia: Clear, precise flavor and medium body
Meraviglia: Full and balanced


Cycle slow, degree medium

Aromatic notes

Delizia: Floral and a citrus after-taste.
Meraviglia: Bitter cocoa and spices.

Les cafés de spécialité sont des cafés de qualité particulièrement élevée dont les grains ne présentent pas de défauts primaires et qui ont reçu plus de 80 points sur 100 selon les normes établies par la Specialty Coffee Association.

Our Specialty Coffee Superior Blends line of beans is designed and conceived for bean-to-cup automatic machines, to bring home a perfect espresso, as good as the one at the bar. Also ideal for mocha.