Precious 100% Arabica Bourbon Brazilian coffee grown in the upper Mogiana. Perfectly balanced and with a delicate aroma, it transmits sweet notes and fine acidity to the palate which, combined with a high body, make it ideal at any time of the day.

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Ground roasted coffee blend, packaged in a protective atmosphere. Keep away from light and heat. Prodotto e confezionato in Italia da EKAF S.p.A. Lungotorrente Secca 3r 16163 Genova Origin of the coffee: non-EU Net weight pack of 30caps: 165g


Sweet and delicate notes


Medium Dark

Aromatic notes


Our aluminum capsules are conceived and designed to be used with Nespresso®* Original coffee machines.

100% roasted and ground Arabica coffee, in aluminum capsules packaged in a protective atmosphere. Intense body and medium sweetness, harmonized by a slight sensation of bitterness and fine acidity.