Aluminum Espresso Capsules Compatible Nespresso®*

    Choose from a wide range of compatible capsules with your Nespresso®* machine, different flavors for every palate based on exquisite refined green coffees in the traditional slow drum roasting .
    Coffees of different strengths, ideal for preparing espresso, ristretto and long coffee.
    Our line includes precious blends ready to be enjoyed in practical single portions, as if freshly ground, and balanced by the best Arabica from Central and South America, Africa, Asia, Brazil, Colombia that blend with Robusta from washed and selected coffee beans.
    Discover our classic blends made up of espresso coffee (Cremoso, Melodico, Intenso, Brioso, Forte, Decaffeinato) long (Vivace, Delizioso), “Pure Origini” (Brazil and Guatemala) and our special edition Portofino. From the best plantations in the world directly to your cup.
    The Cellini aluminum capsules are the perfect alternative for those who love bar coffee even at home, it is not necessary be a professional barista to enjoy a unique coffee in just a few steps.
    Cellini aluminum capsules are made with innovative technologies that allow the product inside to be preserved in an excellent way, keeping its aroma unaltered thanks to the sealed capsule that protects coffee from oxygen, light and humidity.