Music that talks about coffee

musiche che parlano di caffè

Imagine starting your day right now. You are probably thinking of the coffee machine starting to do its job and after a few moments the aroma spreading throughout the house. Mentally you start to prepare for the day ahead and maybe you already have a list of things to do.

Your favorite soundtrack plays in the background.

The sound of your music and the scent of coffee: two elements capable of stimulating your senses and arousing memories and emotions. It is no coincidence that numerous artists have dedicated songs that have become famous to these sensations. These pieces of music depict coffee as a symbol of sharing and communion, others use it as a metaphor for an intense and compelling relationship. In every note, in every chord, you can perceive the scent of coffee, which spreads through the air, enveloping you in a sonic embrace.

"Famous Coffee Songs" is a playlist that collects these melodies, a set of songs that pay homage to coffee through different musical genres and styles. Each piece of music has given its contribution to this hymn to coffee, creating a rich and varied sound mosaic. Listening to these songs, you will find yourself immersed in a world where sounds and aromas blend, creating a unique and irresistible atmosphere.

The playlist includes the songs:

  • “Black Coffee” Ella Fitzgerald
  • “Coffee Song” Frank Sinatra
  • "Coffee Blues” Mississippi John Hurt
  • “Cigarettes and Coffee” Otis Redding
  • “7000 coffees” Alex Britti
  • "But what did you put in the coffee" Riccardo Del Turco and Antoine
  • “Na tazzulella 'e café” Pino Daniele
  • "Peppina's coffee" Alberto Anelli, Tony Martucci, Nicola Pinnetti, and Walter Valdi
  • "Hot black coffee" Fiorella Mannoia
  • "In a café” Gino Paoli
  • "Sing Sing" Francesco De Gregori
  • "Far away coffee"Ivano Fossati
  • “One more cup of coffee” Bob Dylan
  • “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” Cranberries
  • “Don Raffaè” Fabrizio De Andrè
  • “Anna” Lucio Battisti
  • “Coffee&Tv” Blur
  • “The Italian” Toto Cotugno 
Let yourself be carried away by "Famous Coffee Songs". Whether it is a strong and decisive espresso, a soft and velvety cappuccino, or a light and thirst-quenching American coffee, each sip will be accompanied by notes that will enhance the flavour, making your moment coffee even more special and unforgettable.