Mocha & Basil

Have you ever tried a flavored coffee ?

Today we discover together the recipe for "Moka & Basilico" created by Diletta Sisti, Brand Ambassador of Cellini Caffè , who won second place at the Moka Challenge 2023 .

Mocha and Basil Recipe

The history of this recipe has its roots in the land of Lunigiana and takes inspiration from a memory of Diletta more precisely at her grandmother's house, where the faithful moka was always accompanied on the kitchen counter by a jar of basil.

In this preparation, the aroma of coffee and the fresh scent of basil have merged in a surprising association, creating a coffee rich in unexpected but perfectly balanced aromas!

Ingredients for a 3 cup Moka:

For Diletta, the creation of this recipe was not just a culinary experiment, but a journey through time: every sip a memory, every aroma a sensation.


- Prepare the infusion using 8 well washed basil leaves for every 250ml of water and leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours. This step allows the basil to slowly diffuse its aroma into the water, creating an incredibly fragrant base for the coffee.
- Prepare the mocha by pouring the basil-infused water, already preheated to a temperature of 80°, into the boiler
- Insert the coffee inside the filter, leveling it without creating a mound.
- Place the moka on the heat and wait for extraction with the lid open. When it exceeds half of the extraction chamber, remove the moka from the heat. The pressure inside the boiler will continue to release the coffee without ruining the quality and without bringing bitter parts into the cup.
- Mix before pouring, serve in a cup accompanied by a vanilla biscuit and decorate with a basil leaf.

Basil, with its freshness, gives an unexpected touch. This recipe is an invitation to dare, experiment and rediscover traditional flavors in a new way.