Compatible Capsules: a guide to choosing the best ones for Nespresso®* and Dolce Gusto®*

In a world as varied as that of coffee , compatible capsules represent the best solution to savor and fully grasp all its aromatic notes. Here is a complete guide on how to choose the best Nespresso ®* and Dolce Gusto ®* compatible capsules , to accompany you in an informed choice.

  1. Quality of Coffee

The quality of the coffee inside the compatible capsules can vary greatly. It's important to look for capsules that contain high-quality, certified coffee to ensure a rich, authentic flavor.

Cellini Caffè's Nespresso ®* and Dolce Gusto ®* compatible capsules contain a great richness of flavor thanks to a selection of fine coffees, whose taste is the result of unparalleled dedication.

Each batch of beans is subjected to three careful analyzes and tastings, ensuring a consistently perfect flavor in the cup. But the experience goes beyond taste: in every cup of Cellini Caffè you can perceive the attention to detail and the passion that characterize the art of creating the coffee blend, opening the doors to a world that goes beyond expectations of anyone who tastes it. To guarantee constant quality and taste of the blends, considering the seasonality of the crops, the coffee lots are subjected to careful analysis and tasting at three different moments: the approval of the sample/lot, the arrival in the customs warehouses and the arrival at the factory.

  1. Various Flavor Options

More and more consumers are looking for a rich and diverse sensorial coffee experience. For this reason, offering a variety of flavours, high quality and customization have become essential factors. Each of us has our own well-defined tastes, from the search for specific aromatic notes to the preference for different intensities.
Cellini Caffè's compatible capsules meet the needs of consumers looking for a coffee that adapts to their tastes. From classic blends to more exotic variations, there is something for every palate. One of the aspects to consider is the intensity in the coffee , which concerns the consistency of the body and the aromatic richness of the drink. These two elements are fundamental to understanding the intensity of a coffee and appreciating its sensorial nuances . If you want to delve deeper into the topic of coffee intensity, we invite you to read our article . 

Variety of taste also means exploring new flavors, with fascinating origins . Discover our fine coffees in Nespresso ®* compatible capsules such as Brazil and Guatemala .

  1. Compatibility

Compatible capsules offer a versatile solution for coffee lovers, but it is essential to remember that not all capsules work with every Nespresso ®* or Dolce Gusto ®* machine . Furthermore, it is important to remember that Nespresso ®* and Dolce Gusto ®* are not interchangeable systems; in fact, their capsules have different sizes and shapes. To avoid inconveniences, it is essential to check the compatibility between the capsules and your machine. Cellini Caffè capsules have been designed and tested on various Nespresso®* Original* and Dolce Gusto®* machines to ensure flawless operation. This choice allows for perfect integration between the capsules and your machine, ensuring consistent quality in every cup .

  • Capsules Compatible with Nespresso® machines*:

    Nespresso Cellini coffee compatible capsules

  • Nespresso ®* compatible capsules have a characteristic "V" shape with a diameter of approximately 37 mm and a height of 30 mm. The capsules can be made of aluminum or plastic, all safe for food use and compatible with the most popular Nespresso ®* Original machines.

    The versatility of these capsules is evident from their compatibility with a wide range of machines, including Nespresso®* U, U Milk®*, Inissia®*, Pixie®*, Pixie Clips®*, Lattissima®*, Lattissima Touch®* , Lattissima Plus and Pro®*, Essenza®*, CitiZ®*, Kmix®*, Maestria®* and Gran Maestria®*, Le Cube®*, Creatista®*, KitchenAid®*, Prodigio®*, Essenza®* ( produced by Krups®* and De Longhi®*)

    The Nespresso ®* capsules offered by Cellini Caffè are made of aluminum and compatible with all the machines listed above.

  • Dolce Gusto ®* Compatible Capsules:

    Dolce Gusto Cellini Coffee compatible capsules

  • The Nescafé Dolce Gusto® * system requires capsules characterized by a robust "U" shape with a diameter of approximately 54 mm and a height of 37 mm. Both the original and compatible capsules are made of plastic and feature a spout/nozzle at the bottom, as well as plastic lids.

    Dolce Gusto Cellini Coffee compatible capsules - capsule form

    These capsules are compatible with a number of machine models, including Nescafé ®* Dolce Gusto ®* Circolo®*, Jovia®*, MiniMe®*, Genio®*, Esperta®*, Krups Piccolo®*, Krups Melody 2® *, Krups Creativa®*, Krups Fontana®*, Krups Melody 3®*, Krups Oblo®*, Krups Drop®*, and De Longhi Stelia®*. With these options, you can enjoy your favorite coffee regardless of your machine model.

    Discover all the Dolce Gusto ®* compatible capsules offered by Cellini Caffè

    1. Recyclability

    The environmental aspect is increasingly relevant when choosing coffee capsules. Compatible aluminum capsules , if properly separated from the coffee after use, can be recycled infinitely, helping to reduce environmental impact. Furthermore, aluminum is a widely used material because it allows excellent preservation of the quality and aromatic notes of coffee.

    nespresso compatible capsules in aluminum cellini caffè

    1. Beyond Coffee

    In recent years, the trend of consuming alternative coffee drinks in compatible capsules has spread among consumers. Today you can find compatible capsules that offer delicious options such as Ginseng Coffee, Barley, Nocciolino, Crema Catalana and many more. These unique drinks are able to enrich your experience and satisfy the most diverse tastes.

    To discover a selection of high-quality compatible capsules, perfectly suited to your Nespresso®* and Dolce Gusto®* machines, we invite you to take a look at the Cellini Caffè product range.

    You'll find a wide choice of options to satisfy every palate, allowing you to explore new horizons of flavor in an increasingly diverse world of capsule drinks.

    In conclusion, compatible capsules represent an ideal solution for coffee lovers looking for a wide range of flavor options and high quality. Cellini Caffè offers high quality capsules for Nespresso®* and Dolce Gusto®* machines, with particular attention to flavor variety and compatibility . The selection of fine coffees guarantees a unique sensorial experience, while the compatibility with different machines ensures constant quality in every cup. Furthermore, the possibility of choosing alternative coffee drinks further enriches the consumer experience. And let's not forget the importance of the environmental aspect, with the aluminum capsules being recyclable, thus reducing the environmental impact. Cellini Caffè invites you to explore the world of compatible capsules and discover new horizons of taste in an increasingly diversified sector of capsule drinks.