How to prepare a perfect coffee with a mocha

coffee with a mocha is an art and a ritual for many Italians and making it is very simple, but it is important to follow a few precautions. There are many moka coffee makers on the market with different shapes and styles, but the most common has an hourglass shape.

The most common moka coffee maker has three main components: the boiler, the removable funnel filter and the jug or upper collector, equipped with a second filter held in place by a rubber gasket.

It is important to make sure that the second filter and the gasket are not worn out, for this reason we advise you to change them periodically if you want to continue enjoying a good coffee.

The first signs to grasp to understand if you are preparing a good coffee is the scent it gives off, the color is very important, which must initially be much darker and then tend to a hazelnut colour.

The secret to enjoying an excellent coffee is to use a good ground, such as Prestigio 100% Arabica, Bio-Organic, Crema Aroma and Classico.

componenti moka caffe

Now let's see the steps for preparing a perfect coffee with the moka pot.

  1. Add cold water to the boiler of the moka, up to under the valve
  2. Fill the funnel filter with ground coffee, without making a mound and without pressing
  3. Put the moka pot on the stove and adjust the flame to low
  4. Leave the lid of the moka open to check extraction. In order to prevent the coffee from splashing outside the moka when it reaches the maximum level, you can place a teaspoon on the internal chimney pot.
  5. Turn off the fire as soon as you hear the gurgling.
  6. With a teaspoon, stir the coffee before pouring it into the cups.
preparare caffe con la moka

Finally, remember to rinse the moka pot with hot water without using soap and dry it with a dry cloth before screwing it back on.