Coffee Negroni

The Negroni is a classic cocktail loved by many for its balanced flavor and elegance. But what if you add a touch of coffee to give it an extra boost?
Here is the Coffee Negroni in the version proposed by Cellini, a delicious variant that combines the richness of espresso with the bitterness of Bitter and the sweetness of Red Vermouth.
In this article, we will guide you through the recipe for preparing this intriguing cocktail.
Prepare to delight your palate with this unique fusion of flavors.

cocktail coffee negroni


  • 30 ml of Red Vermouth
  • 30 ml of Bitter
  • 30 ml of espresso coffee
  • Ice cubes


- Fill a medium glass with ice cubes. Make sure the glass is large enough to hold all the ingredients and leave room for mixing.
- Add the Red Vermouth to the glass. This sweet and aromatic liqueur is a fundamental component of the Negroni and contributes to its complexity of taste.
- Pour the Bitter into the glass. Bitter is a bitter liqueur that gives the cocktail its distinctive character. Make sure to dose it precisely to obtain the right balance of flavours.
- As the last ingredient, pour the espresso coffee, preferably 100% Arabica, into the glass. Espresso adds a touch of intensity and a coffee note to the cocktail. Make sure to use a high-quality espresso to achieve a full, rich flavor.
- Gently stir the ingredients in the glass to combine. This will help to evenly distribute the flavors and aromas.
- Garnish the cocktail with an orange peel to add a citrus note and a touch of freshness. Rub the orange peel on the surface of the cocktail to release the essential oils and give an additional aroma to the drink.
- Serve the Coffee Negroni immediately, preferably in an old-fashioned glass or a cocktail glass. Make sure that the glass is very cold to keep the cocktail at the right temperature.

Experiment with the proportions of the ingredients to adapt the Coffee Negroni to your personal tastes. You can vary the quantity of Red Vermouth, Bitter and espresso to obtain the perfect balance between sweetness, bitterness and intensity of the coffee. Remember that the secret of a good cocktail is experimentation and adaptation to your preferences.

Don't forget to serve the Coffee Negroni with an assorted appetizer or biscuits to accompany your moment of pleasure. Get ready to win over your guests with this innovative variation of a timeless classic.

What are you waiting for? Take your ingredients and discover the pleasure of combining coffee with the art of mixology with the Coffee Negroni. Raise your glass and toast to an unforgettable tasting adventure!